Cryotherapy THE NEW Age Health and beauty TREATMENT

Cryotherapy is the newest trend for treatment that enhances performance and decreases recovery time for injuries in athletes. Gaining increasing popularity worldwide particularly by famous athletes, Cryotherapy has also caught the attention of several high profile celebrities due to several beauty benefits such as boosting metabolism, cellulite reduction, and production of collagen. Polaris Cryotherapy has made Cryotherapy treatments available now in Jakarta and available for athletes in need of fitness maintenance or recover as well as clients who wish to maintain their beauty and health.

The treatment uses cold liquid nitrogen to sooth muscles and give a renewed sense of energy along with several health benefits in a much more efficient and effective alternative to traditional ice baths. The user stands in a chamber for 3 minutes with the temperature slowly dropping until the body thinks that you are in distress. The body reacts to the extreme cold by drawing blood from the extremities to the vital organs. After stepping out, the oxygen enriched blood leaves the core organs creating a sort of euphoria and reduces inflammation.

Polaris Cryotherapy Indonesia is currently treating several athletes competing in this year’s Asian Games including M Fadli a professional motorcycle racer and BMX athlete Elga Kharisma who is currently undergoing intensive routines in order to speed up her healing for the games. We hope to participate in helping more athletes from other countries participating in this upcoming Asian Games to recover from their injuries and maintain peak performance using this procedure.

Professional paracyclist Muhammad Fadli Immamudin was the first to represent Indonesia in the Asian Para- Cycling Championship in Bahrain. Polaris Cryotherapy Indonesia is proud to be part of his recovery routines for his upcoming competition in this upcoming Asian Games.


Prima J Lubis, 2x Gold Medal World Championship of Pencak Silat

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