First WBC Session

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・・・ This will definitely be the lit-est thing in town for recovery, slimming, facial, etc! . My very first experience of #cryotherapy with @polaris.indo and i do love the whole process and feeling after the 3 minute session. . Getting ready and stripping bare with only your robe and nipple covers, wearing gloves and warm shoes as you enter the chamber, and feeling the shiver and drop in temperature in a matter of seconds. . Body felt so relaxed and calm after that all i wanted to do was to crawl in bed and sleep...talking about best way to #recover🤣. . Cryotheraphy has been known to help in muscle recovery, increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation, helps in anti-aging... and it is finally here in Jakarta! . Can't wait for the grand opening @polaris.indo! Thanks for having me today! . #musclerecovery #athleteslife #cryotherapyjakarta #jakarta #freezinginJakarta #crossfitrecovery #restday #daytorecover 



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