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Firming and more volume breast safely with Cryotherapy, The cold impact causes the breast tissue to contract, which make the breast to firmer & tightened. 

Another excellent way to make your breasts firmer and bigger, in case you have small boobies is to give them a well-deserved massage. It helps improve blood flow up there, because even your boobs need enough supply to keep the connective tissues strong. In return, this could help tone areas in your breast to make them look perkier.

Did you know that using cryo breast firming at up to -145C could add extra oomph to your boobies?

  • This helps tighten and tone the breast area.

  • This could improve blood circulation which  could add more tone into your boobies.

  • This could also help in cell repair, muscle growth and way to regain the firmness to your saggy breasts.

"After 5 sessions you'll see the change."

This treatment only available at Polaris Indonesia.

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